that was awkward...

shirt: thrifted, jeans: target, sandals: thrifted, 
hair scarf: gifted, glasses: target

dear diary, 

sorry my outfit isn't more impressive, but i didn't feel much like dressing up tonight.  especially since mine and patrick's plans for tonight were to go grocery shopping, then clean the house.  so i thought i'd put on my 60's housewife scarf.  

anyways, lets talk about what i really wanted to post about tonight.  sometimes i experience really awkward moments while hittng up thrift stores.  i mean, let's be honest, thrift stores tend to drag in some, let's just say "interesting" people, so you never know what you are gonna experience when you go there.  here are some of the recent awkward thrift store tales:

to start us off i'll tell you about the random guy who walked in to goodwill the other day.  he was wearing rolled up jean pants, and, well…….that’s all! no shoes, and no shirt!  yup, real classy people.  he walked in all crazy like, as if he was on a mission and wouldn't stop no matter what it took.  the strange thing about it was that he was looking in the women's section.  he just kept circling around in the area around me mumbling to himself.  i thought he would figure out he was in the women's section and head over to the men's, but then he spent longer and longer just aimlessly roaming around in my area.  it actually started to concern me.  he had that crazy look in his eyes and i started to feel a little unsafe.  i looked around to see if anyone else was noticing how strange this was, and yup, everyone in the store was watching him.  one of the workers then shouted out at him and told him that the men's shirts where over on the other side of the store.  i didn't see him the rest of the time i was there, but man, that was really awkward.

another fun story is the employee at the goodwill right by my house who i swear stalks me while i am there.  everytime i walk in he ALWAYS makes a point to say hello to me.  i see him every 5 seconds while i am there and he is always smiling at me.  he always tries to make comments at me about things that i am looking at, or clothes that i have ready to try on.  one time, i finished in the dressing room leaving some clothes in there that i didn't want.  i headed over to the home décor area and as i turned the corner of the aisle, the said employee POPS out of no where and asks me if i was finished with the clothes in the dressing room.  SO awkward. 

now, i don't wanna scare you and make you swear off ever going in a thrift store again, because yes, there are some really weird and crazy things that go down while thrifting, but trust me, it's totally worth it :)  i mean, just look at how many awesome things i find thrifting! 

{happy thrifting}


  1. I just found your blog,love it! I went to a thrift store last night found a really cute blazer, belt and clutch all for 6 bucks!I like thrifting from time to time! Who am I kidding I love shopping period, anyway great blog keep em coming :)

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you love my blog! And good job thrifting! It's so fun, but SO addicting haha

  2. Yeah, there are some weirdos in there- and I don't mean alternative or unique individuals- and if you aren't weird then they tend to stare at you...But I love the treasures I have found...I also LOVE how cute and casual this outfit is, especially the scarf! -Jessica