my souvenir from catalina

lace top: thrifted, jeans: nordstrom rack, 
cardigan: gifted from the hubs, watch: thrifted, 
shoes: rite aid, messenger bag: target

dear diary, 

today was a beautiful and awesome saturday.  not only did we get to go to catalina, but i got to spend the whole day with my wonderful hubby and our great friends brad and ashli.  

with doughnuts and a ham and cheese croissant in hand we boarded the catalina flyer and left balboa.  once we got to the island we ate at this delicious little taco place called topless tacos.  then we walked around and soaked up some rays on the beach.  we got some delicious ice cream, watched some skateboarders on a half pipe, rented a golf cart and drove around the island, walked on the pier and, of course, did a little shopping.  

last time we were on the island we found a little thrift store.  of course, i wanted to explore this little place once again, but sadly, it was closed :(  i was really bummed because i wanted to get a little souvenir from catalina, but i didn't want to get the usual sweatshirt or mug.  

little did i know that waiting for me in a little shop was the freakin awesome geometric necklace in one of those pictures!  i actually had seen this necklace on pinterest a few months ago and pinned it on one of my boards.  it wasn't linked to any kind of website to buy, so i could never find it.  but then, as we walked in this little shop i saw it sitting in the glass counter by the register.  i think i was meant to find it.  it wasn't thrifted, but hey, as much as i love it, i don't really care.  

maybe you had the chance to go thrift store shopping today.  if so, what did you get, or what crazy things did you see?  

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