skirt: thrifted, top: i honestly don't remember, shoes: thrifted, necklace: jc penney, watch: gifted, bracelets: thrifted, glasses: target
{total outfit cost: $50}

dear diary, 

ok, i must admit that i am not a big fan of black.  confusing much,  since i am wearing black in this picture?  well, i only wore it today because we had to go to a funeral for one of patrick's best friends.  sad, yes, but i don't want to focus on the depressing news.  

anywho, i think black is such a cop out color.  people always say how classic it is, and how it can go with anything, but thats just exactly whats wrong with it.  there is nothing interesting about it.  it's not unique, it CAN go with anything, so there's no interest to it, and EVERYBODY wears it.  i much rather prefer brown for a major neutral piece of clothing.  and wearing color is so much more exciting than boring black.  black is just kind of a sad looking color to me.  if it's even a color.  is it a color?  or is it white that's not a color?  i don't remember, but oh well.  i'm not saying i don't have any black clothes, because i do have a few black pieces, but it definitely does not dominate my closet.  

well, those are my random thoughts for tonight.  sorry it's not more of an interesting post, but there wasn't much exciting to share from today.  hope you had a wonderful saturday!

{happy thrifting}


  1. i, too, am a thrifting addict!! SO glad i found your blog :) you have some GREAT finds!!! xoxo

    1. Erica, I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog! Thanks for your support!

  2. SHUT UP!!! you found that necklace at JcPenny??
    freaking love it! It totally looks like JCrew

    1. I know right? I was STOKED when i found it!

  3. LOVE This outfit!! I just started a similar blog, mines mostly for house items right now, but I will tell you.. I have been thrifting for a while now, and I sell the designer items I find. I use Ebay and Poshmark... I haven't yet shared my blog with that many, because I too am afraid of the reaction I might get, and definitely don't want people thinking that I'm a crook, selling them things I bought from Goodwill. But it is a full time job for me. I spend hours in Goodwill a few times a week to be able to find those Great items!

    This is my new blog..http://theglamthrifter.wordpress.com/