top: thrifted, pants: kohls, necklace: forever 21, 
shoes: thrifted, watch: thrifted, headband: handmade
{total outfit cost $33}

dear diary,  

yesterday i had an epiphany.  about what, you might ask?  i realized that i am ruined.  totally and completely ruined from ever shopping at normal stores, ever again.  here is how this epiphony happened....

i went to this thrift store in irvine called Portabello Road.  it was supposed to be a "nicer" thrift store with "newer" items.  it had lots of really good reviews on yelp, so i decided to go check it out.  i spent a good little while looking through everything and i was SO bored!  i couldn't find anything interesting!  it was all normal clothes that are in the mall that everyone wears.  one of the reasons why i love shopping at thrift stores so much is because the items you can find there are unique.  it is very unlikely that anyone is going to have that item, and they are usually very interesting and rare pieces that most people have never seen something like. 

needless to say i didn't end up buying anything.  i walked out and decided to check out goodwill across the street.  my oh my, what a difference.  i could hardly contain myself.  it's hard to describe the way i feel when shopping in a thrift store.  its almost like a scavenger hunt.  i realized this as i was frantically fumbling through all the clothes as quickly as possible so that the other people around me wouldn't find the good stuff before i did!  i was pulling out clothes left and right to try on.  they were all so much cooler and so much more fashionable than the other store i just came from!   

i just couldn't believe the difference of experiences i had between the two stores even though they were both thrift stores.  i realized that i will never again be able to enjoy shopping at normal stores.  they bore me.  plain and simple.  i much rather prefer the thrill of shopping at REAL thrift stores and hunting for the really unique items :) 

p.s. sorry that the pictures aren't very good this time.  i wasn't really planning on posting these pics, but patrick and i didn't have time to take pictures tonight, so i had to improvise.  

{happy thrifting}


  1. Too bad not all of us have the gift you have of actually finding good things at Goodwill!

  2. Seriously WE ARE THE same person---Would you believe me that I never buy ANYTHING from the mall or other stores? seriously--almost everything I have--and trust me its alot, come from a thrift store. Everyone always ask me, how do you find such great things? I think its just a gift of thrifting and my ability to just dig and look thru every single piece--I'm like you--I love the unique-ness of my finds--bc they are ONE OF A KIND :) --I admit I have a serious problem--i go twice a week!
    please come to NC and thrift with me?
    XOXO Andrea