you know you're an addict when...

...you look for thrift stores on your caribbean vacation.  

two weeks ago patrick and i left on the best vacation we've ever had.  we went on a caribbean cruise and LOVED every minute of it.  

we made stops in labadee, haiti, falmouth, jamaica, george town, grand cayman, and cozumel, mexico.  we climbed the famous dunns river falls, snorkeled in the most gorgeous water both of us have ever seen, got some handmade leather sandals, and 2 rad handmade leather clutches, swam and hung out in warm, crystal clear water and watched fish swim by us, got poured on in the water for 10 minutes, laid in hammocks on the beach and ate way, way, way too much delicious food.  

i couldn't help but look around in the city at everyone of our stops to see if i could spot any kind of thrift store.  i knew i probably wouldn't find any, but i thought it was worth a try.  i never once told patrick that i was looking for thrift stores because i knew he would think i was crazy, but i just couldn't help it.  i LOVE the amazingly cool things you can find in thrift stores.  


85 percent

dress: thrifted, belt: thrifted, 
watch: gift from the hubby, 
glasses: target, shoes: thrifted

dear diary, 

would it surprise you if i told you that probably 85% of my closet came from a thrift store?  people always ask me where i get my clothes from and they are so surprised to find out that i thrifted them.  

today i am officially starting to show off these great finds here on my blog.  eventually, i will sell things i find online, but until then, this is all you get.  i hope you enjoy, and PLEASE give me feedback as to what you guys would like to see.  after all, this blog is for you! 

happy thrifting!