my not so bad day that i am still going to complain about because i feel like it...

so, today hasn't been a horrible day, but it has had its moments. i decided i wanted to vent about them to all of you...[sorry]

1. today is hubby's birthday and he's not even here to celebrate with :( this really bums me out. i love to celebrate birthdays, especially my husband's! i love surprising him with super cool gifts he wanted, but forgot he did, so they weren't on his wish list. [best wife ever :)] i guess him being gone will just give me more time to get bigger and better presents this year.

2. i spilled hot chocolate on my light gray work slacks today. for those of you who know me, spilling is one of my regular activities, but somehow i never fail to be unpleasantly surprised and annoyed like its never happened before. you think i would be used to this by now.

3. went to goodwil on the way home from work tonight. found some super awesome dark brown corduroy pants that i cannot wait to wear, BUT....i also found a really cute, long, warm, comfy cardigan, that, for some stupid reason or another, i didn't buy. as i am buying my cords the creepy cashier who always stalks me [or at least thats what it feels like when i'm there] says to me "you're a regular here." i have already been super creeped out by this guy before, and the fact that he notices me when i shop there, did not make me feel any better.

4. remember the cardigan i didn't buy? well...i go home, watch some tv, read some blogs, take a bath and i realize i keep thinking about this cardigan. obviously i knew i had to have it. so i jumped out of the bath, put on some sweat pants and marched back into goodwill. as i walked in, the creepy, stalker worker was like, "back again, huh?" so humiliating and eerie. and to make matters worse, i couldn't find the cardigan ANYWHERE! i searched high and low, but i could not find it. such a bummer. now i am left to dream about the outfits i could have made so much cuter and warmer with the long lost cardigan. RIP cardigan i should have had, but didn't buy.

welp, thats the only bad stuff about today. so, i guess my day wasn't really THAT bad, but i guess i just felt like pouting since the hubs is gone and i miss him like crazy.


hair dilema

ok, so i know that since i cut my hair really short i have been known to say how much i love it and how i will never go back to having long hair again....well, the truth is, i'm a liar. not an intentional one, though. i really do LOVE my short hair, but lately i have been CRAVING to have long hair.

i guess i am just kinda sick of having the same hair cut for 2 years. it's also really annoying to have to do my hair EVERYDAY. you do not wanna see what my hair looks like when i wake up in the morning. trust me. i lament the days when i could roll out of bed, pull my hair up in a pony tail and be on my way out the door. i am also dying to curl my hair and wear it wavy and make it all cute. i miss the versatility you have when your hair is long. i want that again. desperately.

i have heard rumors that some pills, or rather vitamins, help make your hair grow faster. is this REALLY true? or is it just a myth? if its true i'm running to the store right now! my hair is SO short and so many lengths that it is driving me crazy to grow out. and it hasn't even been that long since i decided this. i just feel like an ugly duckly. ladies, i know you can back me up on this one. you know how annoying it is when your hair is in the awkward ugly stage of trying to grow it out. yuck.

i have also recently considered dying my hair blonde. yes, you read that correctly. blonde. i have contemplated it before, but never really seriously thought about it. i guess i am seriously thinking about it now because i'm so bored, frustrated, annoyed, disgusted [you get the idea] with my hair. what do you guys think? i would like some advice, tips, and even ideas of what to do with my hair.

here are some pics of the different stages my hair has been in. i definitely have MUCH better style now than i did 4 years ago.


7 pounds

No this is not a post about the movie 7 pounds. This post is about the unforgiving 7 pounds I have gained since I started my new job at ResCare this summer. Needless to say I am pretty bummed and depressed about it. I have always prided myself on the fact that I could eat whatever I wanted, not work out and not gain a single pound. Well not anymore. I guess that's what happens when you go from working jobs where you are on your feet walking around all day to sitting at a desk all day. fml. It doesn't help that our office is constantly making old man bagels, and going to chic-fil-a every two seconds. Ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it's pretty darn close.

I just want to be skinny again already. But I don't wanna eat "healthy" or give up the addiction I have to sweets. I also am too lazy to get my butt off the couch and stop playing video games with the hubby to work out. But, in order to make myself feel better I have to, so, these are my new goals, and please feel free to hold me accountable to these. I am HORRIBLE when it comes to achieving goals, so if you hassle me enough about them, maybe I'll keep them. Anyways, here they are in all their glory:

1) stop eating SO much sweets
2) eat healthier meals and snacks
3) do the Zumba DVDs at least 4 times a week.

Think I can do it? I'm not so sure myself either. Check back in a few weeks and see if I look like I've dropped a few pounds...


fall love

i am sorry that i have not blogged recently about my thrifty finds. i have found SO many cute things since the last post, but i need some sort of manikin to put the clothes on in order to take pictures of them. if any of you know where i can get one, let me know.

anyways, fall is probably my favorite time of year. besides christmas and summer. ok, so i love all times of the year except for spring really, but fall really does have some kind of spark in the air. the light looks different during the day, the weather is colder, you get to wear super cute winter clothes like boots, scarves, coats, and cardigans! you also can't forget about all the yummy fall food. pumpkin flavored everything, turkey, mashed potatoes.....yum i'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

i can't wait to participate in all the fun fall activites. visiting pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds, watching scary movies, visiting scary places. its all so fun! and how much more fun is it to be able to do all these things with your hubby? :)