my not so bad day that i am still going to complain about because i feel like it...

so, today hasn't been a horrible day, but it has had its moments. i decided i wanted to vent about them to all of you...[sorry]

1. today is hubby's birthday and he's not even here to celebrate with :( this really bums me out. i love to celebrate birthdays, especially my husband's! i love surprising him with super cool gifts he wanted, but forgot he did, so they weren't on his wish list. [best wife ever :)] i guess him being gone will just give me more time to get bigger and better presents this year.

2. i spilled hot chocolate on my light gray work slacks today. for those of you who know me, spilling is one of my regular activities, but somehow i never fail to be unpleasantly surprised and annoyed like its never happened before. you think i would be used to this by now.

3. went to goodwil on the way home from work tonight. found some super awesome dark brown corduroy pants that i cannot wait to wear, BUT....i also found a really cute, long, warm, comfy cardigan, that, for some stupid reason or another, i didn't buy. as i am buying my cords the creepy cashier who always stalks me [or at least thats what it feels like when i'm there] says to me "you're a regular here." i have already been super creeped out by this guy before, and the fact that he notices me when i shop there, did not make me feel any better.

4. remember the cardigan i didn't buy? well...i go home, watch some tv, read some blogs, take a bath and i realize i keep thinking about this cardigan. obviously i knew i had to have it. so i jumped out of the bath, put on some sweat pants and marched back into goodwill. as i walked in, the creepy, stalker worker was like, "back again, huh?" so humiliating and eerie. and to make matters worse, i couldn't find the cardigan ANYWHERE! i searched high and low, but i could not find it. such a bummer. now i am left to dream about the outfits i could have made so much cuter and warmer with the long lost cardigan. RIP cardigan i should have had, but didn't buy.

welp, thats the only bad stuff about today. so, i guess my day wasn't really THAT bad, but i guess i just felt like pouting since the hubs is gone and i miss him like crazy.

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  1. My husbands birthday was exactly like that this year. It was such a bummer. He was taking tests all day long and then finally at like ten at night he got to open presents and have some cake. It was such a bummer for the both of us.
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