must thrift fall items

dear diary, 

i don't know about you, but recently i have been getting really excited for fall.  i LOVE fall fashion.  boots, scarves, peacoats, umbrellas, beanies....i could go on forever.  i can't stop thinking about all of my fall outfits and it inspired me to show you some super cute items you can thrift and add to your fall wardrobe.  here are some must have, must thrift fall items....

1. fedoras.  lately i have been wearing a fedora that patrick got for free.  it's a great way to get ready without actually having to do you hair! (one of my least favorite things)  i actually just saw some fedoras at the goodwill i was at tonight, so i know you can find one thrifting too! 

2. chambray. chambray. chambray.  this is SO in right now and they are ALL over thrift stores.  you won't have a hard time finding this super comfy, yet chic shirt while thrifting.  i love the one i got from goodwill a couple months ago because i can pair it with any style, color, or pattern.  you will not regret buying one.  

3. scarves.  scarves are a MUST HAVE fall fashion item.  they are an awesome accessory that are also very practical by keeping you warm and cozy.  thrift stores always have scarves, so this should be another easy one to find.  in fact, i found one of my favorite scarves at a thrift store.  

4. maxi skirts.  this item is going to be a little harder to find at a thrift store, although i have seen ones from target at goodwill lately.  if you can't find a maxi skirt, try finding even a maxi dress and then you can just wear the chambray shirt over the dress.  i do this a lot with a maxi dress i thrifted a couple of months ago and you can't even tell i'm wearing a dress underneath.  

5. BOOTS. these are definitely my favorite fall fashion item of all time.  they look cute with everything!  shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, etc.  i prefer riding boots, but you can choose what style you like.  this is another item i see crawling all over thrift stores all the time, too.  in fact, i just saw an adorable pair tonight that were real leather, but almost identical to a pair i just bought, so i didn't buy them :(  so, if you live in the OC, go get those boots!

6.  bomber jackets.  i love this style jacket.  it, too, goes with so many things.  it can be paired with more feminine clothes, or even more edgy clothes.  you won't have a hard time finding these at thrift stores either.  it's so fun when you find one that is vintage because the leather has so much character and life to it.

so, for this fun labor day weekend head out to some thrift stores and see if you can find some of these items!  then in the comments below write and tell me what you found!  i can't wait to hear from you! 

{happy thrifting!}  


stepped out of a magazine

as many of you know i had the opportunity last night to talk to a group of women from church about "how to shop at thrift stores," and let me tell you it was so much fun!  

they started out with a cute skit about where some different women bought their clothes from and then it was my turn to share my thoughts!  i spoke for about 15 minutes about my best "thrift store how to" tricks and then opened it up for questions.  the women had some really good questions about where some good kids thrift stores are, if the outfit i was wearing was thrifted, where are some good thrift stores to get furniture, and more.  they then had a fashion show spotlighting women who bought outfits from thrift stores.  women of all ages showed of their finds.  the MC was hilarious so we all had a good laugh and enjoyed watching the shows.  we even got ice cream after! yum......

i had the chance to talk to many of the women after who told me that they, too, love to shop at thrift stores and that they couldn't wait to try out some of the tips i gave them.  i had a display table to highlight some of the amazing things i have found at thrift stores and many women stood there talking to me about how they couldn't believe i had thrifted those things.  it was so much fun to talk to these ladies and to hear how excited and pleased they were with what i had shared with them.  

my favorite quote of the night was from a young lady while she was looking at my table: "you look like you stepped out of a magazine!"  i highly doubt that, but it made me laugh and made happy to know that people are beginning to find out that you don't need to spend lots of money to be fashionable.  

{happy thrifting!}


you free tomorrow night?

hey all you ladies out there....if you're free tomorrow night you should come out and hear me speak about how to thrift store shop!  thats right! i will be speaking to a group of women from church about all of my thrift store tricks and how to get good bargains while shopping. i would love to see some of you there and to meet some of you. it's going to be fun and we're even gonna have dessert after. YUMMY!  email me at mcmulroney at gmail dot com if you want te details :)


thrifting 101: pricing

 shirt: thrifted, skirt: fitted, necklace: etsy, bracelet: thrifted, 
watch: thrifted, sandals: thrifted, hat: free

alright my little thrifing friends, it's time for another thrifting 101!  i recently asked my instagram followers what questions they had about thrift store shopping so i can answer them for you here on my blog.  first up today is pricing.  

it is widely known that thrift stores are super cheap...most of the time.  sometimes there are items that are over priced because they are designer or "popular."  most of the time you'll find this at the more well known thrift stores like goodwill or salvation army.  goodwill is probably one of the more "expensive" thrift stores (if you can even call it expensive).  the little mom and pop thrift stores are always the cheapest and they usually have really good sales.  here is what i usually pay for things that i buy.  hopefully this will provide you a little guide as to what is too expensive to spend money on at a thrift store.    

i think that over $10 for any clothing, besides a suit, is way too much money to pay.  i usually try to pay only around $5 for anything clothing related.  

as far as shoes go, i don't pay over $10 either, unless they are really nice boots or heels.  in that case $15 is usually my max.  i usually end up paying between $5-$8.    

for jewelry i typically don't pay over $5.  watches i am willing to pay more for if they look nice, but i definitely won't pay over $10.  

are you noticing a trend in the pricing?  that's because thrift stores are SUPPOSED to be cheap!  anything that is over $10-$15 is usually too much to pay.  that's even pushing it.  

i hope this helps you decipher what is too much to pay while you are out thrifting.  remember, it's all personal as well.  if you really love an item and you have to have it, then buy it!  because if you leave without buying it, and regret doing so, you usually can't go back to get it.  most likely someone else will have bought it!  so good luck and have fun! 

{happy thrifting!}          


vintage shopping spree

today was an awesome day.  i took the day off because patrick and i work on each other's days off, so we never get to spend a whole day together.  "and what did we decide to do together on our day off," you ask?  what else, but thrift store shopping!  yep, we spent the whole day hopping from one thrift store to the next to vintage/antique shops and we had a blast.  

we specifically went to long beach because some friends of ours told us about an antique mall there and a street called "retro row."  most of the shops we went to were more vintage shops than thrift stores so they were pretty pricy, but it was still fun to shop around and see some amazing pieces full of history.  here are some pictures from today.  hope you enjoy!  

{this picture makes me really happy because those were my wedding colors!}

do you guys have some favorite thrift stores or locations?  if so, i would love to know so i can go and check them out!  


mom and pop

top: thrifted, shorts: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, necklace: target

dear diary, 

lately i have really been enjoying the mom and pop thrift stores over the more well known goodwills or salvation armys.  for some reason i have been into finding things for our house more than i want to look for clothes.  i think something may be wrong with me because i always want to look at the clothes, so this new development is very strange.    

anyways, sometimes the mom and pop thrift stores can be hard to find.  if you search on google maps, you most likely won't find them.  i have learned that yelp is the place to look.  there are lots of great reviews that you can read and get an idea of the place, whether it's good, bad, small, big, etc.  

these stores are generally a lot cheaper than the bigger chains, which is always a plus.  you can sometimes find things for $1 or 50 cents!  they also seem to have a really cool selection of home decor and furniture, usually more vintage/retro stuff, which is right up my alley and exactly what i love.  

so, next time you have an hour or two get on your computer or phone and type in "thrift" on yelp  to search in your area and visit some of the lesser known thrift stores that pop up!  i promise it will be fun, and you'll probably find something really cool from it.    

{happy thrifting!}   


wish list

so, i have a problem.  i think i am addicted to shopping.  i've never shopped as much as i have the past year of my life.  i think the reason is because i find things for so cheap i can justify spending money on them.  but now i have a list of like a million things that i really want right now, but i can't but them all because i'll be broke!  and this isn't even all of the things i am dying to buy.  i just wish it was going to be my birthday, or christmas soon so i could have someone else buy them for me!  but you know, if you happen to feel real generous, then buy all means, go ahead and buy them for me just for the heck of it :) 

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

1.  seriously?  i love this sofa!  i just wish it was a true vintage version.  but it's so gorgeous that i'm not going to be picky.  

2.  i have been wanting a gold michael kors watch for A LONG TIME now!  i am thinking i am going to ask for one for christmas. 

3. i am in love with this chevron iphone case.  the colors and the design are absolutely perfect.  

4.  i saw these pillows at urban outfitters about 2 months ago and it was love at first sight.  the only reason why i haven't bought them yet is because they are $34 each!  i am too cheap to pay that much for pillows.  i actually got lucky at goodwill the other day and found one similar to them, but its still not the same as the ruffled, velvety deliciousness as the original.  

5.  i saw this shirt on a blog i read and immediately fell in love with the cute heart print.  it's adorable, and i want it! 

6.  lately i have been obsessed with big, chunky statement necklaces.  i have imitation j.crew bubble necklaces in turquoise and coral, but i still really want the yellow!  

7.  again, another big statement necklace.  i love how all of the colors in this necklace create such a beautiful color pallet.  

8.  don't you think this dog tag stamped anniversary necklace would be a perfect anniversary gift for our 2nd anniversary in a month?  i think so :)  

{happy shopping!}


for the love of maxi


top: thrifted, skirt: fitted, necklace: etsy, belt: thrifted, gladiator sandals: thrifted, hat: gift, bracelt: thrifted
watch: thrifted, sunglasses: forever 21

my favorite piece of clothing this summer has definitely been maxi skirts.  i wish i could say i thrifted this fabulous skirt, but you have no idea how long i looked for a maxi skirt at thrift stores with no luck.  so, i finally gave in and bought one elsewhere.  i must say, definitely worth the extra money.  they are so incredibly comfortable, cool, and light.  perfect for a hot summer day that turns into a cooler night.  

what makes them even greater is that they are also extremely functional for the winter months.  this means you get more for your money out of each wear, which is always a plus when you are as savvy as i am.  i can't wait to pair my maxi's with some boots, a sweater and a scarf.   

so, moral of the story is that you NEED a maxi skirt.  you will not be disappointed, i promise.  now, stop reading and go buy one!  oh, and happy friday!

{happy thrifting!} 


home tour

hello there friends!  recently i have been inspired to thrift for household items.  i know i already showed you the things i bought this last weekend, but i thought i’d show you more things that i have thrifted over the past 2 years for our home.  i love to decorate my home with thrited items because they add so much character and personality to an otherwise boring room.  they are wonderful conversation pieces and i love how they tell a story.  people me ask all the time where i found certain things in our house and when i tell them a thrift store, they never believe me.  so, without further ado… 

all of the decor on this shelf were thrifted.  every. single. one. people.  i absolutely LOVE the retro starburst bowl and i recently just found that cute little owl figurine.  he makes me smile every time i look at him.  

this entire shelf was thrifted as well.  patrick and i like to collect old cameras and clock radios.  these are a few of the ones we have.  i LOVE the camera on the left that i found at goodwill.  it has like a million lenses.  not sure why you would ever use that many lenses, but it looks cool, that's for sure!  

the white vases and the little vintage desk lamp are thrifted from this shelf below.  patrick and i fell in love with that little lamp.  its has so much personality and it actually works!  he turns it on when he sits here to do homework and it just makes me happy seeing it shine.  when i bought those white vases i bought them with the intention to pain them different colors.  however, the plain white is starting to grow on me, so i think i am going to keep them white.  what do you think?  

this frame, little clock, and iPod station/radio were also thrifted.  patrick gave me that super rad retro frame for my birthday a year and a half ago and i absolutely love it!  i have actually never put a picture in it because i don't want to detract from the awesomeness of the frame!  

i love the story about the iPod station/radio.  patrick and i saw this at target after we first got married, but it was $100!  being the bargain shoppers that we are, we didn't want to spend the money on it.  well.....one day while i was looking at goodwill for christmas gifts for patrick I FOUND IT!  at goodwill!  for only $15!!!!  and the best part is that it works!  i could not wait for patrick to open it up on christmas morning.  i almost just gave it to him early,  but i'm glad i didn't because he was SO excited christmas morning when he saw what i had scored.  

my jewelry organizer is made out of a cork board i found at goodwill and then snazzed it up a bit.  i painted the frame and then put fabric on the cork part.  it has been so perfect for my necklaces.  

this awesome mint clock radio and the typewriter were also thrifted.  i think this clock radio is probably my favorite thrifted home decor item i have ever purchased.  the color, the hands, the dials, the shape.....everything is perfect.  

good luck thrifting items for your home and have fun!  

{happy thrifting!}