must thrift fall items

dear diary, 

i don't know about you, but recently i have been getting really excited for fall.  i LOVE fall fashion.  boots, scarves, peacoats, umbrellas, beanies....i could go on forever.  i can't stop thinking about all of my fall outfits and it inspired me to show you some super cute items you can thrift and add to your fall wardrobe.  here are some must have, must thrift fall items....

1. fedoras.  lately i have been wearing a fedora that patrick got for free.  it's a great way to get ready without actually having to do you hair! (one of my least favorite things)  i actually just saw some fedoras at the goodwill i was at tonight, so i know you can find one thrifting too! 

2. chambray. chambray. chambray.  this is SO in right now and they are ALL over thrift stores.  you won't have a hard time finding this super comfy, yet chic shirt while thrifting.  i love the one i got from goodwill a couple months ago because i can pair it with any style, color, or pattern.  you will not regret buying one.  

3. scarves.  scarves are a MUST HAVE fall fashion item.  they are an awesome accessory that are also very practical by keeping you warm and cozy.  thrift stores always have scarves, so this should be another easy one to find.  in fact, i found one of my favorite scarves at a thrift store.  

4. maxi skirts.  this item is going to be a little harder to find at a thrift store, although i have seen ones from target at goodwill lately.  if you can't find a maxi skirt, try finding even a maxi dress and then you can just wear the chambray shirt over the dress.  i do this a lot with a maxi dress i thrifted a couple of months ago and you can't even tell i'm wearing a dress underneath.  

5. BOOTS. these are definitely my favorite fall fashion item of all time.  they look cute with everything!  shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, etc.  i prefer riding boots, but you can choose what style you like.  this is another item i see crawling all over thrift stores all the time, too.  in fact, i just saw an adorable pair tonight that were real leather, but almost identical to a pair i just bought, so i didn't buy them :(  so, if you live in the OC, go get those boots!

6.  bomber jackets.  i love this style jacket.  it, too, goes with so many things.  it can be paired with more feminine clothes, or even more edgy clothes.  you won't have a hard time finding these at thrift stores either.  it's so fun when you find one that is vintage because the leather has so much character and life to it.

so, for this fun labor day weekend head out to some thrift stores and see if you can find some of these items!  then in the comments below write and tell me what you found!  i can't wait to hear from you! 

{happy thrifting!}  


  1. I have s shirt just like that blue One! I love finding things I own on wishlist. Makes me feel so cool

  2. I am implementing the jean shirt and maxi dress look tonight!!! I love it, and would have never thought to match those two pieces together.
    You rock, keep it up!
    -Your fellow thrifter from Norcal :) Heather