so, once i get in the habit of blogging on a regular basis
these posts will make much more sense and will be more cohesive,
but for now this post is just an update
of pictures we've taken, things we've done
and of our lives. hope you enjoy.

for new years we went camping with a bunch of our friends
down in san clemente. always on the top of patrick's list of things to do
is to visit the surf shops along el camino real.
here he is at icons of surf. his favorite.
while searching for surf shops to go to we found this cool building.

most of you know that patrick and i love going to thrift stores.
here are some shots from a random one in san clemente.

patrick shot some pictures with jay around our apartment complex.
pretty cool pics from my sweetheart :)

on a random friday patrick decided to take me down
to one of our favorite spots - the beachcomber cafe in crystal cove.
it is such a good restaurant. this is a tunnel down there
next to the restaurant that has a bunch of murals and paintings on it.
it's pretty cool.

showcasing bradley and ashli caldwell's apartment.
although i helped bradget his bachelor pad design going
many years ago that we never finished,
i had no part in helping brad and ashli design their apartment.
this awesomeness is all them.

patrick and i one day decided to take the tandem bike down to newport
and ride it around on the beach. we took some pics
while we were there of the cool scenes around us.

the next 2 pics are actually compliments of brad and ashli.
one of mine and patrick's favorite things to do together is
work on designing and decorating our apartment with cool things we find
from thrift stores and other random places.
loving our mid century/eclectic inspired apartment.