that was awkward...

shirt: thrifted, jeans: target, sandals: thrifted, 
hair scarf: gifted, glasses: target

dear diary, 

sorry my outfit isn't more impressive, but i didn't feel much like dressing up tonight.  especially since mine and patrick's plans for tonight were to go grocery shopping, then clean the house.  so i thought i'd put on my 60's housewife scarf.  

anyways, lets talk about what i really wanted to post about tonight.  sometimes i experience really awkward moments while hittng up thrift stores.  i mean, let's be honest, thrift stores tend to drag in some, let's just say "interesting" people, so you never know what you are gonna experience when you go there.  here are some of the recent awkward thrift store tales:

to start us off i'll tell you about the random guy who walked in to goodwill the other day.  he was wearing rolled up jean pants, and, well…….that’s all! no shoes, and no shirt!  yup, real classy people.  he walked in all crazy like, as if he was on a mission and wouldn't stop no matter what it took.  the strange thing about it was that he was looking in the women's section.  he just kept circling around in the area around me mumbling to himself.  i thought he would figure out he was in the women's section and head over to the men's, but then he spent longer and longer just aimlessly roaming around in my area.  it actually started to concern me.  he had that crazy look in his eyes and i started to feel a little unsafe.  i looked around to see if anyone else was noticing how strange this was, and yup, everyone in the store was watching him.  one of the workers then shouted out at him and told him that the men's shirts where over on the other side of the store.  i didn't see him the rest of the time i was there, but man, that was really awkward.

another fun story is the employee at the goodwill right by my house who i swear stalks me while i am there.  everytime i walk in he ALWAYS makes a point to say hello to me.  i see him every 5 seconds while i am there and he is always smiling at me.  he always tries to make comments at me about things that i am looking at, or clothes that i have ready to try on.  one time, i finished in the dressing room leaving some clothes in there that i didn't want.  i headed over to the home d├ęcor area and as i turned the corner of the aisle, the said employee POPS out of no where and asks me if i was finished with the clothes in the dressing room.  SO awkward. 

now, i don't wanna scare you and make you swear off ever going in a thrift store again, because yes, there are some really weird and crazy things that go down while thrifting, but trust me, it's totally worth it :)  i mean, just look at how many awesome things i find thrifting! 

{happy thrifting}


two is better than one

top: thrifted, cardigan: gifted, jeans: nordstrom rack, 
boots: thrifted, watch: gifted

sweater: thrifted (and 100% cashmere might i add), 
jeggings: target, boots: thrifted, necklace: thrifted, 
watch: thrifted

dear diary, 

i am so sorry that i have not posted for a few days.  patrick took our computer to work the other day, and never brought it home, so i had no way of posting new pictures on here :( 

so, to make it up to you, i decided to post 2 outfits instead of one.  hope you enjoy them.  

on more exciting note, i took a little trip with patrick's sister, kaitlin, to goodwill the other night.  found some amazing things that i am in love with and can't wait to share them with you.  one of them is that polka dot shirt in the top pictures.  i also found an amazing summer floral skirt, some rad pointed leopard flats, and a cute, vintage grey dress.  more pictures to some soon.  

hope you have an amazing memorial day tomorrow.  i get to join patrick at the fire station and have a little bbq. so excited, but i now i gotta go figure out what to wear, so i can be the hot fireman's wife tomorrow haha

{happy thrifting}


need your input!

shirt: thrifted, pants: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, 
earrings: target, glasses: target, watch: thrifted, 
bracelet: charlotte russe
{total outfit cost: $45)

dear diary, 

i need your input!  i am getting a lot of positive feedback on my blog, twitter, instagram, and facebook about my little thrifty blog here.  many people have mentioned that i should sell some of the stuff i find.  it has been a little dream of mine for a while to open up a little second hand shop of my own, but i'm not sure if i will get a good response from readers/buyers.  so, peeps, i am asking for your input....

if i sold thrifted items online, would you buy them????

you can let me know by commenting on this post (anyone can comment), or by liking "thrift store addict" on facebook and then writing on the wall letting me know your opinion.  i would REALLY appreciate all the feedback i can get, so please let me know so i can either run wild with my dream, or put my dream to rest.  

{happy thrifting}   


thrifting 101

top: thrifted (might i add how much i love the 
little button detail on the top of the shoulders), 
skirt: jc penney, belt: jc penney, shoes: thrifted, 
earrings: thrifted, glasses: target, 
watch: thrifted, bracelet: thrifted
{total outfit cost $50.50}

dear diary, 

ok, ladies and gents, people always ask me which thrift stores i go to, so i thought i would enlighten you all.  the answer is......drum roll please.....ALL THRIFT STORES.  

i really don't have a favorite one or one that i ALWAYS go to or always find good stuff at.  honestly, shopping at thrift stores is very hit or miss.  you could go to the same one on two different days and on one day find tons of amazing gems, and on the other day you will find absolutely nothing.  

i happen to go to the ones that are close to where i live a lot just because they are convenient, but honestly, i am so addicted that wherever i am i search for thrift stores and shop in them whenever i get a chance.  thank you iPhone 4 for letting me find every single thrift store on the face of the planet :) 

{happy thrifting}

p.s. sorry these pictures aren't that great.  i had to take them myself on a tripod because the hubster was at work.  this was very embarrassing and humiliating, might i add, but i do it for you people!



skirt: thrifted, top: i honestly don't remember, shoes: thrifted, necklace: jc penney, watch: gifted, bracelets: thrifted, glasses: target
{total outfit cost: $50}

dear diary, 

ok, i must admit that i am not a big fan of black.  confusing much,  since i am wearing black in this picture?  well, i only wore it today because we had to go to a funeral for one of patrick's best friends.  sad, yes, but i don't want to focus on the depressing news.  

anywho, i think black is such a cop out color.  people always say how classic it is, and how it can go with anything, but thats just exactly whats wrong with it.  there is nothing interesting about it.  it's not unique, it CAN go with anything, so there's no interest to it, and EVERYBODY wears it.  i much rather prefer brown for a major neutral piece of clothing.  and wearing color is so much more exciting than boring black.  black is just kind of a sad looking color to me.  if it's even a color.  is it a color?  or is it white that's not a color?  i don't remember, but oh well.  i'm not saying i don't have any black clothes, because i do have a few black pieces, but it definitely does not dominate my closet.  

well, those are my random thoughts for tonight.  sorry it's not more of an interesting post, but there wasn't much exciting to share from today.  hope you had a wonderful saturday!

{happy thrifting}



top: thrifted, pants: kohls, necklace: forever 21, 
shoes: thrifted, watch: thrifted, headband: handmade
{total outfit cost $33}

dear diary,  

yesterday i had an epiphany.  about what, you might ask?  i realized that i am ruined.  totally and completely ruined from ever shopping at normal stores, ever again.  here is how this epiphony happened....

i went to this thrift store in irvine called Portabello Road.  it was supposed to be a "nicer" thrift store with "newer" items.  it had lots of really good reviews on yelp, so i decided to go check it out.  i spent a good little while looking through everything and i was SO bored!  i couldn't find anything interesting!  it was all normal clothes that are in the mall that everyone wears.  one of the reasons why i love shopping at thrift stores so much is because the items you can find there are unique.  it is very unlikely that anyone is going to have that item, and they are usually very interesting and rare pieces that most people have never seen something like. 

needless to say i didn't end up buying anything.  i walked out and decided to check out goodwill across the street.  my oh my, what a difference.  i could hardly contain myself.  it's hard to describe the way i feel when shopping in a thrift store.  its almost like a scavenger hunt.  i realized this as i was frantically fumbling through all the clothes as quickly as possible so that the other people around me wouldn't find the good stuff before i did!  i was pulling out clothes left and right to try on.  they were all so much cooler and so much more fashionable than the other store i just came from!   

i just couldn't believe the difference of experiences i had between the two stores even though they were both thrift stores.  i realized that i will never again be able to enjoy shopping at normal stores.  they bore me.  plain and simple.  i much rather prefer the thrill of shopping at REAL thrift stores and hunting for the really unique items :) 

p.s. sorry that the pictures aren't very good this time.  i wasn't really planning on posting these pics, but patrick and i didn't have time to take pictures tonight, so i had to improvise.  

{happy thrifting}


thrifting 101 + favorite thrifted items

blouse: thrifted, leggings: target, heels: thrifted, 
earings: charlotte rousse, watch: thrifted, 
bracelets: thrifted, glasses: target
{total outfit cost: $49}

dear diary, 

its that time again!  time to learn another one of my thrifting secrets, and here it is....keep an open mind.  yep, my friends, it's that simple.    

i will be one of the first people to admit that there are some really STRANGE things at thrift stores, but there are also some really awesome things.  sometimes, i look at things and can't tell if its completely hideous and i should pity the poor person who ever bought it in the first place, or, if it could actually be really cute and thank the crazy person who ever gave it away.  i have found that the only way to find out is by trying it on.  

i go through racks and racks of clothes and pull out anything that, of course, i can tell is cute the second i see it, and then i also pull out clothes that i'm not sure of.  i try on a lot of clothes when i thrift shop.  a lot.  sometimes, i end up liking all of them, and sometimes i end up hating them, but you will be surprised how cute some of the "almost weird looking things" can actually be!  

so next time, when you go thrifting, keep an open mind.  trust me, you will be surprised at the new and stylish wardrobe you will end up with!  

p.s. this top and these heels are some of my all time favorite pieces i have EVER thrifted!  the top is 100% silk and i got it for 5 bucks!  thats right, 5 buckaroos!  the heels were also brand new and i looked them up online and they are originally over $100, and i got them for 8 measly benjamins.  seriously?  who gives this amazing stuff away??????

{happy thrifting!}


the good, the bad....

dress: thrifted, belt: jcpenney, shoes: thrifted, 
necklace: target, bracelet: target, glasses: target, 
watch: thrifted, earrings: thrifted
{total outfit cost: $43}

dear diary, 

as you saw in my last post i found a lot of really great things thrifting a few days back.  then came thursday.  for some reason on the way home from work, i felt like going to goodwill.  i stopped in and looked around and found an ADORABLE eli tahari giraffe print dress and ONE adorable heel.  i walked around the entire store looking for the other match, but i could not find it.  i was going crazy because i had to have that shoe.  it was one of the cutest shoes i have ever seen and i wasn't going to be able to have it!  and to make matters worse, remember the adorable giraffe dress i was just talking about?  it was too small!  man, i was striking out everywhere.  

the moral of this story is that thrift store shopping can sometimes be very disappointing.  sometimes you find tons of amazing things, and then other times you may have your little thrifting heart broken.  there's no such thing as a bigger or smaller size, or a different color.  there is exactly ONE of each itam and if you fall in love at first sight, you might be very disappointed.  

but not to fear, the good experiences far weigh out the bad, so i will not stop thriting and sharing my outfits any time soon.  i am WAY too addicted for that :)

{happy thrifting}


i scream, you scream

top: thrifted, jeans: nordstrom rack, boots: thrifted, necklace: jcpenney, bracelet: thrifted, watch: thrifted, glasses: target
{total outfit cost: $97}

dear diary, 

today we got together with some friends to celebrate josh's birthday.  i was excited, not only because we got to hang out with friends, but because it meant that i got to wear some of the new clothes i thrifted yesterday :)  i MIGHT have gone a little crazy...i bought 2 tops, a dress, two pairs of shoes, and 5 pairs of super rad retro earrings.  my top and boots in this post are what i bought yesterday, and might i add that the boots i scored for HALF OFF people!  i'll show you the rest of the little gems i got in future posts, so please come back and visit.  

anyways, where was i?  oh yeah, the birthday...it was a surprise birthday with all the ridiculous, but mandatory, birthday hats and blower/popper things.  we ate dinner at this delicious little waffle place that has both savory and dessert waffles, called bruxie.  

then we headed to the famous ice cream parlor, farrell's.  we ordered "the volcano" for all of us to eat.  it was 30 scoops of ice cream, and, as if this wasn't a big enough heart attack in and of it's self, we decided we wanted to add a little brownie and oreos to this yummy mountainous bowl of sweet heaven.

so here's to josh...thanks for being born 24 years ago so we could eat our way to a heart attack!

{happy thrifting}