thrifting 101

dress: thrifted, boots: thrifted, 
tights: target, purse: jamaica, 
scarf: gifted from hubby, 
bracelets: thrifted, watch: thrifted

dear diary, 

you know that awkward moment when your husband is taking photos of you and you are try to ignore the fact that you are humiliating yourself in plain sight, when your friend walks up and catches you posing like a dumb girl trying to model? yeah, that was me this afternoon while taking these pictures to share with you. hopefully that humiliation will be worth it. 

i have had a few people comment on my posts already, and ask me a few questions in person, about thrift store shopping. as scared as i am to reveal my thrifting secrets, fearing that all the gems will be found, this blog is for you and i want you to enjoy it. so from now on, every few posts i will do a "thrifting 101" post for all of those that want to know my dirty little thrifting secrets. 

to start us off, here is one secret that i LOVE about Goodwill: target sells A LOT of their products to Goodwill. you can find lots of original target items at a much lower cost. 

happy thrifting! 


  1. hahha that happened to me too!! jay was like taking his photographing very seriously (FINALLY) and this very serious newish friend of ours walks up behind him clears his throat and says: "i didn't meant to interrupt your photo session."

    oh geez. walk of shame. how do you make THAT less awkward?!

  2. Whoa, that explains why I found a brand spanking new cardi from Target in Goodwill this weekend! I thought I hit the lottery, thanks for the tip. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled!