need your input!

shirt: thrifted, pants: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, 
earrings: target, glasses: target, watch: thrifted, 
bracelet: charlotte russe
{total outfit cost: $45)

dear diary, 

i need your input!  i am getting a lot of positive feedback on my blog, twitter, instagram, and facebook about my little thrifty blog here.  many people have mentioned that i should sell some of the stuff i find.  it has been a little dream of mine for a while to open up a little second hand shop of my own, but i'm not sure if i will get a good response from readers/buyers.  so, peeps, i am asking for your input....

if i sold thrifted items online, would you buy them????

you can let me know by commenting on this post (anyone can comment), or by liking "thrift store addict" on facebook and then writing on the wall letting me know your opinion.  i would REALLY appreciate all the feedback i can get, so please let me know so i can either run wild with my dream, or put my dream to rest.  

{happy thrifting}   


  1. I would if it was priced well. I really understand the need to make a profit and make it worth the time you spend finding the goods. But I still like saving too (along with you) good luck! hopefully it will work outh for you. Thats exciting

    1. thanks for your input SassAFrass! I will take all of this into consideration :)

  2. i agree. i would buy them if they were lower than retail price but a bit higher than the thrifted price if it was a MUST HAVE item! (lots of them items you have shown are AMAZING!! i think my fave are those brown wedges! :)

    1. Erica, I am obsessed with the brown wedges too! I wear them every week to church! haha

  3. be cautious about liability with cleaning!! that's my only concern for you.

  4. Always go for your dream....never put it to rest! You would be so great at it!

    Xoxo Kristin