the good, the bad....

dress: thrifted, belt: jcpenney, shoes: thrifted, 
necklace: target, bracelet: target, glasses: target, 
watch: thrifted, earrings: thrifted
{total outfit cost: $43}

dear diary, 

as you saw in my last post i found a lot of really great things thrifting a few days back.  then came thursday.  for some reason on the way home from work, i felt like going to goodwill.  i stopped in and looked around and found an ADORABLE eli tahari giraffe print dress and ONE adorable heel.  i walked around the entire store looking for the other match, but i could not find it.  i was going crazy because i had to have that shoe.  it was one of the cutest shoes i have ever seen and i wasn't going to be able to have it!  and to make matters worse, remember the adorable giraffe dress i was just talking about?  it was too small!  man, i was striking out everywhere.  

the moral of this story is that thrift store shopping can sometimes be very disappointing.  sometimes you find tons of amazing things, and then other times you may have your little thrifting heart broken.  there's no such thing as a bigger or smaller size, or a different color.  there is exactly ONE of each itam and if you fall in love at first sight, you might be very disappointed.  

but not to fear, the good experiences far weigh out the bad, so i will not stop thriting and sharing my outfits any time soon.  i am WAY too addicted for that :)

{happy thrifting}

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