my love affair with thrifting

dress: thrifted, boots: thrifted, tights: target, 
watch: thrifted, belt: thrifted, 
scarf: souevenier from london, earrings: thrifted
5 out of 7 pieces of my outfit were thrifted

dear diary, 

i have always been a savvy shopper.  ever since i can remember i have HATED paying a lot of money for clothes.  i remember going to the mall with friends and they would shop at banana republic, j crew, nordstrom and buy tops for like $40.  maybe to you that doesn't seem like that much, but i always thought it was way over priced.  i would shop at the cheaper stores like forever 21 and target.  

i never used to shop at thrift stores.  i always thought they were so gross and i couldn't figure out why anyone would ever shop there.  the only times i ever stepped foot into a thrift store was to find goofy outfits for parties or halloween.  

then i met patrick.  we began dating and every once in a while he would want to go to a thrift store.  i would go along just so i could spend some time with the hottie, but never really cared about looking around that much because i thought i would never find anything.  

eventually, however, i began to find some really good stuff!  i was amazed with what people give away.  it only took a few good trips of finding some really good stuff and i was hooked.  i RARELY ever shop anywhere else.  most of the time i can't really remember the last time i went to the mall.  and when i do go to the mall, i don't really buy anything because i can't justify spending so much money on clothes when i can dress just as cute by getting my wardrobe from second hand stores.  

so here's to you, you lovely little thrift stores that have so many fabulous gems that i dream about and can't wait to get my hands on......I LOVE YOU! 

happy thrifting :)


  1. So I love reading this! & I also think it would be cool if you posted how much you paid for these thrifted items! That would be extra interesting because I LOVE bargains too!!

  2. i totally agree with you! now j. crew tees are like $70... it's ridiculous! and you can find the same ones at the thrift store for $3.