thrifting 101 + favorite thrifted items

blouse: thrifted, leggings: target, heels: thrifted, 
earings: charlotte rousse, watch: thrifted, 
bracelets: thrifted, glasses: target
{total outfit cost: $49}

dear diary, 

its that time again!  time to learn another one of my thrifting secrets, and here it is....keep an open mind.  yep, my friends, it's that simple.    

i will be one of the first people to admit that there are some really STRANGE things at thrift stores, but there are also some really awesome things.  sometimes, i look at things and can't tell if its completely hideous and i should pity the poor person who ever bought it in the first place, or, if it could actually be really cute and thank the crazy person who ever gave it away.  i have found that the only way to find out is by trying it on.  

i go through racks and racks of clothes and pull out anything that, of course, i can tell is cute the second i see it, and then i also pull out clothes that i'm not sure of.  i try on a lot of clothes when i thrift shop.  a lot.  sometimes, i end up liking all of them, and sometimes i end up hating them, but you will be surprised how cute some of the "almost weird looking things" can actually be!  

so next time, when you go thrifting, keep an open mind.  trust me, you will be surprised at the new and stylish wardrobe you will end up with!  

p.s. this top and these heels are some of my all time favorite pieces i have EVER thrifted!  the top is 100% silk and i got it for 5 bucks!  thats right, 5 buckaroos!  the heels were also brand new and i looked them up online and they are originally over $100, and i got them for 8 measly benjamins.  seriously?  who gives this amazing stuff away??????

{happy thrifting!}


  1. Just recently found your blog. I'm hoping to learn a couple things since I am not very good at thrifting.

    Method Clothe

  2. Hey i just found your blog and i'm in LOVE! You have such a great style and you inspire me to find cute clothes when i go thrifting. i have a blog mostly about thrifting but i find stuff for my house, i get so intimidated looking for clothes but you have found such cute stuff that i'm going to give it a try next time i go :)