new favorite outfit

dress: thrifted, cardigan: gifted, 
belt: jc penney, necklace: catalina, 
shoes: thrifted, glasses: target, watch: thrifted
{total cost $53}

dear diary, 

sorry for the picture overload.  i couldn't decide which pictures to post because i liked them all. 

this is probably one of my new favorite outfits.  i am in love with my new necklace, which you might have read about here.  i have worn it everyday for the past 3 days.  and i'll probably wear it again tomorrow haha.  

i am also in love with these new heels.  they are perfect for summer and SO hot!  usually i don't wear heels around patrick because he's not much taller than me so i feel like a giant, but either i have shrunk or he has grown because i was only like an inch taller than him in these bad boys.  which makes me happy because i don't know about you ladies, but for some reason whenever i slip on a pair of heels i instantly feel like one hot sexy mamma. 

{happy thrifting}   


  1. It's totally true. They make you look and feel sexy!
    -Amy H.

  2. When I said "they" I meant heels...

    P.s. I love your pictures!! The outfit is amazing :)

    -Amy H.

  3. I like the necklace. It's fun and cute.

  4. So so cute! LOVE your blog... Looking forward to reading your archives tomorrow!