two is better than one

top: thrifted, cardigan: gifted, jeans: nordstrom rack, 
boots: thrifted, watch: gifted

sweater: thrifted (and 100% cashmere might i add), 
jeggings: target, boots: thrifted, necklace: thrifted, 
watch: thrifted

dear diary, 

i am so sorry that i have not posted for a few days.  patrick took our computer to work the other day, and never brought it home, so i had no way of posting new pictures on here :( 

so, to make it up to you, i decided to post 2 outfits instead of one.  hope you enjoy them.  

on more exciting note, i took a little trip with patrick's sister, kaitlin, to goodwill the other night.  found some amazing things that i am in love with and can't wait to share them with you.  one of them is that polka dot shirt in the top pictures.  i also found an amazing summer floral skirt, some rad pointed leopard flats, and a cute, vintage grey dress.  more pictures to some soon.  

hope you have an amazing memorial day tomorrow.  i get to join patrick at the fire station and have a little bbq. so excited, but i now i gotta go figure out what to wear, so i can be the hot fireman's wife tomorrow haha

{happy thrifting}

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  1. Ok...you really are a clothing addict. I have seen more clothes on you in your last 15 posts than I have in my own closet.

    Be careful when a kid enters the Mulroney family!