labor day weekend finds

 top: thrifted, shorts: free, shoes: rite-aid, hat: free, watch: thrifted, necklace: thrifted

dear diary, 

oh how this past weekend was filled with much thrifting and lots of GREAT finds!  saturday my mom and i hit up some thrift stores when we came back from san diego and we also spend a good part of labor day thrifting as well.  here is what i found:

{1} 2 super adorable mustard yellow pillows (originally $25 at target) for $5 each 

{2} a round, blue pillow (originally $25 at target) for $10 

{3} the awesome shirt in the pictures above for $5

{4} a green link necklace (originally $10 at target) for $1.50

{5} some cobalt blue shoes (originally $25 at target) that i have been wanting for a while for $4
{6} an awesome retro dessert holder (that i am using as a jewelry holder) for $5.  

aren't these deals awesome?  i was so happy :)  there is actually a funny story about the pillows.  i found ONE yellow pillow saturday night with my mom at goodwill.  they only had one and i was kind of bummed because i really would have liked to have 2, but i loved it, so i had to get it.  then, we went to a different goodwill on monday and i found another one!  it was meant to be.  we also headed over to a different goodwill while out on monday and i found another blue, round pillow that i had previously bought a few weeks ago from goodwill!  you guys, i seriously think i have magic powers sometimes when it comes to thrift store shopping.  i mean how does one get so lucky?  thank you goodwill (and my magic thrifting powers) !

{happy thrifting!}


old town fun

top: thrifted, skirt: fitted, watch: veryjane, bracelet: thrifted, necklace: target, 
sandals: thrifted, sunnies: forever 21

dear diary,

yesterday my mom and i hopped on the train down to San Diego to see my sister Katherine for her birthday.  it was so much fun.  the train ride along the coast was absolutely beautiful.  it made me appreciate the state i live in and the beauty i get to see all the time.  

our final destination was old town san diego.  it's this quaint little area full of heritage, history, and tourist trap shops.  we looked at so many shops with the same stuff over and over, but somehow it was still fun just talking and laughing together about the strange little things these shops had.  we walked through the famous haunted Whaley house, katherine found some awesome angry birds sunglasses and a pair of hello kitty sunglasses, we got some yummy & refreshing sherbert ice cream to cool us off from the heat, goofed around, and, of course, drank lots of coke and diet coke.  

a big thank you to my mom and sister for making yesterday so much fun!  and happy birthday katherine!  i hope you enjoyed yesterday as much as we did!