one man's trash....

well hello!  i know what you are thinking....it has been FOREVER since i have written a new post.  life  has been a little crazy and i will admit i got a tad bit lazy there for a while.  but i am happy to say that i am back and ready to show you all of my amazing thrift store finds.  i am sorry for the absence, and i will promise try not to do it again.  

now, lets get to the rest of the post.  you know that saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure?"  well, if that's true I AM RICH!  you guys, i seriously find SO much good stuff at thrift stores it is ridiculous!  i will often times look down at my outfit and realize that every single part of my outfit was thrifted!  craziness!  

this post, however is not about clothes, its about fun stuff for the house that i have found within the last week thrift store shopping.  i am obsessed with all of them so much and it actually inspired me to write a post about them.  so here we go....

i have been looking for a vintage crewel embroidery art piece for a few weeks now.  i have looked on etsy and thrift stores, but never really found one that i liked for a price i was willing to pay.  enter Goodwill.  i found this beauty at Goodwill yesterday for 5 bucks!  

patrick and i made some new friends on thursday and went to their house.  their whole entire house is decorated and designed with vintage furniture and accessories.  needless to say i was IN LOVE!  i wanted to steel everything they had.  they had a theme throughout of vintage old ship paintings and other decor and patrick and i really liked it.  patrick told me to start looking for stuff like this while i thrifted and, welp, i found one within the first 10 minutes of looking!  i love this little decorative art piece, and i especially love the 3D aspect.  

ok, the next piece is my favorite.  i saw a chair like this probably 6 months ago at goodwill and wanted to buy it so i sent a picture of it to patrick, but sadly, he didn't like it.  i have regretted not buying the chair ever since.  until this last thursday.  remember those friends we made?  well, they have bought so much furniture from thrift stores that they have too much for their house and wanted to sell some of it and guess what?  we were the happy recipients!  patrick and i got to look through their amazing treasures and they had the EXACT same chair i saw a few months ago but it had a pair!  it was the first furniture i saw there and i immediately told patrick "I AM buying these chairs."  he actually likes the chairs now.  he said that they look better in person than they did in the picture.  and i couldn't be happier to have them.  they are perfect in every way.  

this rocking recliner is patrick's favorite.  it is another piece of furniture we bought from our new friends.  patrick calls it his "man chair."  he has yet to sit in it to watch a movie, but i'm pretty sure the cuddling days on the couch with his wife are over.  he will now be cuddling in his man chair.  needless to say though, it is a pretty amazing mid century recliner.  

the next item i found is super random, but also super rad and it was super cheap!  it's a food warmer!  the funny thing is that it actually still works!  i wasn't completely sure that i was gonna buy it but it was only going to be 50 cents!  i figured for that price i'll find a use for it somewhere.  i'm pretty sure that i'm not even going to use it as a food warmer, but probably as a decorative piece in our house.  

patrick and i have been in the market for a vintage side chair for a while now.  we bought one about a year ago from our favorite vintage store in downtown fullerton, out of vogue, but we didn't really love it that much and wanted something more retro looking.  i found this beauty at salvation army yesterday and couldn't be happier.  the chair is practically in perfect condition.  i seriously think that no one ever sat in it.  and now its all ours! 

{happy thrifting!}


  1. i am dying... i LOVE that mustard chair! can't wait to go thrifting with you two!

  2. Next item on your thrifty girl list...a carpet cleaner w/ attachments!! Yo! Awesome finds!! I love a good thrift!