for the love of maxi


top: thrifted, skirt: fitted, necklace: etsy, belt: thrifted, gladiator sandals: thrifted, hat: gift, bracelt: thrifted
watch: thrifted, sunglasses: forever 21

my favorite piece of clothing this summer has definitely been maxi skirts.  i wish i could say i thrifted this fabulous skirt, but you have no idea how long i looked for a maxi skirt at thrift stores with no luck.  so, i finally gave in and bought one elsewhere.  i must say, definitely worth the extra money.  they are so incredibly comfortable, cool, and light.  perfect for a hot summer day that turns into a cooler night.  

what makes them even greater is that they are also extremely functional for the winter months.  this means you get more for your money out of each wear, which is always a plus when you are as savvy as i am.  i can't wait to pair my maxi's with some boots, a sweater and a scarf.   

so, moral of the story is that you NEED a maxi skirt.  you will not be disappointed, i promise.  now, stop reading and go buy one!  oh, and happy friday!

{happy thrifting!} 


  1. Love the maxi!! Found your blog via Instagram! Love it!



  2. thanks denise! that means a lot! i am so glad you like the blog :)