vintage shopping spree

today was an awesome day.  i took the day off because patrick and i work on each other's days off, so we never get to spend a whole day together.  "and what did we decide to do together on our day off," you ask?  what else, but thrift store shopping!  yep, we spent the whole day hopping from one thrift store to the next to vintage/antique shops and we had a blast.  

we specifically went to long beach because some friends of ours told us about an antique mall there and a street called "retro row."  most of the shops we went to were more vintage shops than thrift stores so they were pretty pricy, but it was still fun to shop around and see some amazing pieces full of history.  here are some pictures from today.  hope you enjoy!  

{this picture makes me really happy because those were my wedding colors!}

do you guys have some favorite thrift stores or locations?  if so, i would love to know so i can go and check them out!  

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  1. Where in Long Beach is "retro row"? I would love to go check out!

    I live in Encinitas, and there is a local consignment shop called Flashbacks. IT IS TO DIE FOR. You love thrifting, you are going to die over this place. Everything is awesome. I can always find things there that I can't find in mainstream stores with the most current trends.

    Now you make me want to go thrifting! :)

    Along Abbey Road