thrifting 101: pricing

 shirt: thrifted, skirt: fitted, necklace: etsy, bracelet: thrifted, 
watch: thrifted, sandals: thrifted, hat: free

alright my little thrifing friends, it's time for another thrifting 101!  i recently asked my instagram followers what questions they had about thrift store shopping so i can answer them for you here on my blog.  first up today is pricing.  

it is widely known that thrift stores are super cheap...most of the time.  sometimes there are items that are over priced because they are designer or "popular."  most of the time you'll find this at the more well known thrift stores like goodwill or salvation army.  goodwill is probably one of the more "expensive" thrift stores (if you can even call it expensive).  the little mom and pop thrift stores are always the cheapest and they usually have really good sales.  here is what i usually pay for things that i buy.  hopefully this will provide you a little guide as to what is too expensive to spend money on at a thrift store.    

i think that over $10 for any clothing, besides a suit, is way too much money to pay.  i usually try to pay only around $5 for anything clothing related.  

as far as shoes go, i don't pay over $10 either, unless they are really nice boots or heels.  in that case $15 is usually my max.  i usually end up paying between $5-$8.    

for jewelry i typically don't pay over $5.  watches i am willing to pay more for if they look nice, but i definitely won't pay over $10.  

are you noticing a trend in the pricing?  that's because thrift stores are SUPPOSED to be cheap!  anything that is over $10-$15 is usually too much to pay.  that's even pushing it.  

i hope this helps you decipher what is too much to pay while you are out thrifting.  remember, it's all personal as well.  if you really love an item and you have to have it, then buy it!  because if you leave without buying it, and regret doing so, you usually can't go back to get it.  most likely someone else will have bought it!  so good luck and have fun! 

{happy thrifting!}          


  1. cute! I love how you paired everything together.

  2. I never know what typical pricing is for thrifting clothes. Gosh I'm so clueless. Good thing you write this blog!!!

    Method Clothe

    1. Haha I'm glad I could help Angela! It is kinda confusing until you go so often you begin to understand what is too much for things.

  3. This is usually my budget for things. It upsets me when Goodwill has super expensive stuff lol
    xo sandra

  4. I went to a local thrift store, with all the name brands, I bought a shirt that was suppose to be 4 dollars and a skirt that was suppose to be 5, she gave me them both for 5 together. I pay no more than 5 dollars a piece for any clothing I wear, so I was super happy. Thanks for posting this. Fun to see all the cute outfits you put together.