mom and pop

top: thrifted, shorts: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, necklace: target

dear diary, 

lately i have really been enjoying the mom and pop thrift stores over the more well known goodwills or salvation armys.  for some reason i have been into finding things for our house more than i want to look for clothes.  i think something may be wrong with me because i always want to look at the clothes, so this new development is very strange.    

anyways, sometimes the mom and pop thrift stores can be hard to find.  if you search on google maps, you most likely won't find them.  i have learned that yelp is the place to look.  there are lots of great reviews that you can read and get an idea of the place, whether it's good, bad, small, big, etc.  

these stores are generally a lot cheaper than the bigger chains, which is always a plus.  you can sometimes find things for $1 or 50 cents!  they also seem to have a really cool selection of home decor and furniture, usually more vintage/retro stuff, which is right up my alley and exactly what i love.  

so, next time you have an hour or two get on your computer or phone and type in "thrift" on yelp  to search in your area and visit some of the lesser known thrift stores that pop up!  i promise it will be fun, and you'll probably find something really cool from it.    

{happy thrifting!}   


  1. Oh my gosh I love your shoes!

  2. you are so cute.. great blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

    1. Thanks Alana! I love sharing this with all of you followers! I hope people can tell that you can shop for cheap and STILL be fashionable!