hair dilema

ok, so i know that since i cut my hair really short i have been known to say how much i love it and how i will never go back to having long hair again....well, the truth is, i'm a liar. not an intentional one, though. i really do LOVE my short hair, but lately i have been CRAVING to have long hair.

i guess i am just kinda sick of having the same hair cut for 2 years. it's also really annoying to have to do my hair EVERYDAY. you do not wanna see what my hair looks like when i wake up in the morning. trust me. i lament the days when i could roll out of bed, pull my hair up in a pony tail and be on my way out the door. i am also dying to curl my hair and wear it wavy and make it all cute. i miss the versatility you have when your hair is long. i want that again. desperately.

i have heard rumors that some pills, or rather vitamins, help make your hair grow faster. is this REALLY true? or is it just a myth? if its true i'm running to the store right now! my hair is SO short and so many lengths that it is driving me crazy to grow out. and it hasn't even been that long since i decided this. i just feel like an ugly duckly. ladies, i know you can back me up on this one. you know how annoying it is when your hair is in the awkward ugly stage of trying to grow it out. yuck.

i have also recently considered dying my hair blonde. yes, you read that correctly. blonde. i have contemplated it before, but never really seriously thought about it. i guess i am seriously thinking about it now because i'm so bored, frustrated, annoyed, disgusted [you get the idea] with my hair. what do you guys think? i would like some advice, tips, and even ideas of what to do with my hair.

here are some pics of the different stages my hair has been in. i definitely have MUCH better style now than i did 4 years ago.

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  1. Okay, if you hear if whether those pills work let me know, because I swear- my hair doesn't grow long anymore! It has been at the same length for two years and it is so frustrating!