thrifted wedding

dear diary, 

i'm so sorry that i don't have outfit pictures today.  it has been hard this week trying to find a time to take them.  i was telling patrick how i really needed to do a post but didn't have any pictures, but then he reminded me about our engagement pics and our wedding, and then i got really excited...

so basically, here are all the thrifted things in our engagement pics: 

the striped dress i'm wearing is thrifted.  i LOVE that dress.  it is michael kors.  how amazing is it that i found a dress like that at a thrift store?  like seriously, who was the CRAZY person that gave that gem up?  i also thrifted that belt which is another one of my favorite belts.  patrick actually found it for me one day while we were shopping and bought it for me.  i love the different colors. 

ironically, patrick is actually wearing more thrifted things in our engagement pics.  the corduroy blazer, his vintage striped button up shirt, the diesel jeans, and member's only jacket are all from thrift stores.   yes, you heard me correctly, DIESEL JEANS!  this is where i get my love of thrifting, ladies and gents.  that handsome guy right there.  he is the one that got me into it, which i'm sure he actually now regrets haha.  sorry sweetie!    

i also thrifted a BUNCH of decorations that i used for our wedding.  all of the centerpieces on the tables were from thrift stores, as well as many other details, but i can't show you everything because this post would go on forever.  but to give you an idea they consisted of vases, votives, picture frames, mirrors, and the old books were courtesy of my mom.  

i loved everything about my wedding and it was exactly what i wanted, and mostly from thrift stores!  so, for all of you out there that need to do your wedding on a really tight budget, get your decorations at thrift stores!  i did it and still had my dream wedding.    

{happy thrifting}


  1. Cute! You look so different with short hair. But then again, so do I. GROW GROW GROW!
    Your table decor was FAB. What a great idea. Luv'in it.

  2. Wow, what a lovely wedding! Your dress is gorgeous and it's great that you got the husband to wear thrifted clothes as well! -Jessica