saturday woes

shirt: thrifted, top: thrifted, necklaces: forever 21, 
bracelets: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, watch: thrifted
{total outfit cost $48}

dear diary, 

it's the weekend!  patrick and i are sitting here on our sofa trying to decide what we are going to do today for our last saturday off together.  any suggestions?  neither of us can decide and both of us are telling the other person that we want to do what they want to do.  this is how it always goes with us when we try to decide on something to do.  it usually gets us nowhere.  i wonder why.  

it's funny how you can live somewhere that people come to for vacation because it's so fun and there is so much to do, but you yourself think there's nothing to do.  how does that happen?  we have LA, the beach, hiking, renowned shopping malls, disneyland, but yet, we can't think of a thing to do on our day off.  

anywho, what do you guys have planned for the weekend?  anything fun?  maybe some thrift store shopping?  :)  whatever it is, i hope you have a wonderful day!  


  1. Love the last photo, super cute!! That's how we are too. So it's usually dinner and Mario Kart :)

  2. I love thrift shopping too! I found your blog through the Goodwillista! Love meeting other thrift bloggers! Love your jeans!

    Lindsey Turner

  3. Just wanted to say your blog is so cute! You have a great style!