a car? at a thrift store?

top: thrifted, jeggings: target, belt: thrifted, 
shoes: thrifted, watch: thrifted
{total outfit cost $35}
dear diary, 

welp, the time has come.  i have had my little honda civic for 8 years now.  i bought it when i was 17 years old.  it was my baby.  my pride and joy.  it was EXACTLY what i wanted and i was SO excited when i got it.  and it's life with me has finally come to an end.  patrick and i have decided that it is time to sell this little piece of my life and get a new car, or at least a newER one.  

this is where you come in.  we just barely started looking at new cars.  we know we want to get something like a small SUV size, or a tad bit smaller like a Scion xb or a Kia Soul, but we don't know which one.  we are trying to get something that will accomodate kids within the next few years.  and obviously reasonably priced.  unfortunately, i can't find a good deal on a car at a thrift store :(  would be nice tho.  i know i could find the perfect one if they did have cars there.  i'm pro at that, but shopping at a dealership for a new car?  NOOB right here.  might as well stamp it on my face.    

so, any suggestions?  so far we like the Scion xb, but we haven't really looked that much.  we still want to check out jeep, kia, and a bunch of others.  please help!  let us know what you have like and not liked about the cars you have experienced...it would be greatly appreciated!  

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