awesome photo shoot

shirt: thrifted, jeans: forever 21, shoes: gifted, 
watch: gifted, earrings: forever 21

dear diary, 

today was a perfect day, so let me tell you about it.  

it started out with breakfast in bed from my sweet hubby.  blueberry pancakes and a banana on the side.  

then we hung out with our adorable pup.  i love our little dog so much.  if any of you ever want a REALLY good dog then i highly recommend a king charles cavalier.  they are SUPER loving and really obedient.  ok, sorry, enough about Hurley.  

we ate lunch at el taco which is this really good little mexican place in anaheim.  if you ever eat there, get the red quesadilla.  

we spent some time with patrick's family, whom i love so much.  i love them just as much as i love my own.  they are some of the best people i have ever met and i can't imagine fitting into another family any better than i fit into theirs.  

patrick humored me with shopping at TWO thrift stores.  yes, two!  he really is a great husband for putting up with my obsession.  every where we go i am on the look out for a thrift store and patrick is nice enough to pretend like he wants to go with me.  i am one lucky girl, people. 

next we took a hike up to this rad abandoned and empty pool in trabuco canyon.  that's where these graffiti pictures are from.  it was so cool.  i wish it was closer so i could take pictures there more often.  i wasn't really planning on taking pictures of my outfit today, so i must apologize for my kinda boring outfit.  i was actually wearing a different shirt, but once patrick decided to show me that empty pool, i couldn't pass up taking pictures there, so i actually changed into this vintage linen shirt i bought at one of the thrift stores we went to.  in the end, my boring outfit kinda ended up working out, though, because the graffiti background is so busy.

we also got to stop by patrick's fire station for a second since it's rigtht below the pool.  i love that my husband is a fire man and i love that he is such an outdoorsman.  

last but not least, we went to dinner at this delicious thai restaurant, called Thai River.  patrick and the guys at the station go to this place all the time and rave about how good it is, so patrick decided to take me there.  it was DELICIOUS.  some of the best thai food i've ever had.  the owner is awesome.  he actually sat with us during our whole dinner and helped us figure out what we want to do in our future trip to thailand.  anyways, you have to try this place if you're ever in rancho santa margarita.

{happy thrifting}


  1. My first pair of skinny jeans was from Forever 21, and they cost me $10.50! So awesome, and I get compliments on them ALL THE TIME!

    1. Dude, Rach, that's how much I got these skinny jeans for! I love them but don't wear them very much anymore cuz I tripped once and got a hole in them haha