thrifting 101

shirt: thrifted, undershirt: thrifted, jeans: nordstrom rack, shoes: thrifted, watch: thrifted, bracelets: charlotte russe, earrings: target

dear diary,

it's that time again...thrifting 101!

so heres the deal, i get questions from people all the time about my secrets to finding amazing things at thrift stores. well, today i'm gonna reveal one secret that many people have probably never thought about. 

 who do you think is able to help you get even better deals on things that are already priced so low they might as well be giving it away? that's right, my friends, the store employees! one of the best kept secrets to thrifting is making friends with the people behind the counter. if these people like you, guess what? they are gonna give you the deals. here are some of the perks i have experienced from befriending the employees:

• if there isn't a price tag on an item, often   
  times they'll give it to you for even 
• if there is a sale that day on a certain  
  color tag, and you find something that 
  doesn't have a color tag,  they will 
  sometimes give you the sale price
• if you buy a dress that can't make up it's 
  mind and decide if it is a dress or a shirt 
  because it's that in between length, they 
  will ring it up as a shirt (meaning it will 
  be cheaper)
• if you have to wait and come back to buy 
  something later, they will hold an item for 
  you, even though they are not supposed to 
  hold items

now, for the employee friending award of the year...once, while at goodwill, I saw an employee telling two girls how he had saved some clothes for them in the back that he thought they might like.  do you people see how amazing this is?  they were such good friends with this employee that he was saving out clothes for them!  now, my friends, I have never gotten THIS close with an employee, and don't know if I ever would because i'm kinda that shy girl that stands back from the crowd, but this sure is an awesome way to make sure you get the cream of the crop before it's put out for everyone else to snatch.  and that, my fellow thrifters, is devastating.  one of the worst feelings in the world is seeing someone else find something in a thrift store that you want so bad where you actually contemplate ripping it from their hands and running away with it.  this has happened to me on multiple occasions.  the contemplating that is.  not the stealing from people.  

{happy thrifting!}


  1. Love your blog! I found your through Lissa at Through the Looking Glass. I'm following you now :]

  2. Found your blog through the looking glass also! What a great blog, I love thrift store shopping too though I don't claim to be as excellent at it as you! Excited to see what more I can learn from you.