billy bob and mr. security man

shirt: thrifted, skirt: thrited, belt: thrifted, 
shoes: thrifted, watch: thrifted, pearl bracelet: gifted, 
flower bracelet: charlotte russe, glasses: target
{total outfit cost: $42}

dear diary, 

have you ever taken photos of yourself on a tripod in public?  no?  well, don't.  ever.  it is SO incredibly awkward.  usually patrick takes the pictures for me, but since he's been at work lately, i have had to take them of myself before the daylight sneaks.  and i hate every single minute of it.  let me give you a glimpse into my awkwardness.....

the first time i tried doing this was in an empty alley behind target.  i got everything set up and right as i was ready to take the pictures, a security guard walked up.  he asked me if he could help me find anything, as if there is anything to find in an empty alley behind target.  i proceeded to tell him no and that i was just taking pictures.  he then decided to stand around and watch me.  seriously?  could you make it any more awkward mr. security guard man?

one of the other many times i had the pleasure of experiencing this humiliation was today.  i was taking pictures by an abandoned old truck on a forgotten trail, thinking i would be safe of embarrassment there.  well, i was quickly proven wrong.  all of the sudden i saw a truck pull up into a hidden drive way.  the truck disappeared relieving me of the worry of more humiliation.  then, out of the corner of my eye i saw billy bob walking towards me.  i could not believe this guy actually lived in california.  he was straight off the farm way in the back country of arkansas.  as he started talking to me with his backwards accent, i discovered that he, along with his 9 siblings, were the owners of this property, furthermore proving my arkansas redneck theory.  he wanted to take me in his backyard to take pictures with their goats and donkeys.  as much as i wanted to be kidnapped by billy bob and be forced to live in the mud with the goats, i packed up my tripod and left.  

i hope that these pictures are worth the humiliation and that you enjoy them.  i'm sorry that the ones today are a little blurry.  i can't figure out why the pictures from the tripod always turn out blurry.  

welp, that's all for today, folks.  hope you had a great monday!

{happy thrifting} 


  1. Is that Tri-City park?

    Funny story about the security guard.

    Scary story about Billy Bob. Creepy.