dear diary, 

so i've already shared with you a few of our engagement pictures to show you the clothes we both wore in them that were thrifted.  now, i wanna show you the engagement pictures we took INSIDE of a second hand store.  that's right people, patrick and i love thrift stores, second hand stores, and vintage stores so much that we took some of our pics in one.  (thank you to amelia lyon for the amazing photos)  it's actually our favorite vintage shop, called "out of vogue."  it is amazing, people.  the owner is SUPER rad and everything in his store is straight up vintage, legit, and glorious.  we have bought some accessories for our house and some clothes here.  if i had all the money in the world i would decorate my whole house with the stuff that the owner, mike, has here.  if you are ever in the area around downtown fullerton you have to stop by.  check out how amazing it is for yourself....


  1. i LOVE out of vogue!!! and you two are just adorable!!! :)

  2. hey mary! just sent you a tweet, but i figured i'd comment, too :) just wanted to let you know that i'm nominating you for the one lovely blog award and the post will be live tomorrow on my site. (i wanted to send an email because i thought it'd be more meaningful.) i just LOVE your site and wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work and awesome content!