new thrifty finds!

today i had jury duty, which despite popular belief, really isn't that bad. i was released from the courthouse at 12 and called patrick only to find out he was going with his parents to the citadel outlet mall in LA, so i went along. patrick found some cool vans for $20, but the whole time i was looking in these outlet stores all i could think about was how i could find much better deals at thrift stores! so, we get home, and patrick went off to class for his first day of school. this meant i was on my own for the evening. my mind could only focus on one thing - goodwill. i figured, "well, hey, since patrick spent $20 today, it's ok for me to go spend money on amazing deals at goodwill." this was all it took, and off i went to my neighborhood goodwills. there are 2 or 3 goodwills nearby our apartment that i frequent quite often. tonight i decided to go to 2. i am going to tell you about my finds in the reverse order that i found them, because my find at the first goodwill was my favorite :)

these shoes are one of the good deals i found tonight. they are steve maddens and hardly even worn. and the best part is...i got them for a fraction of the cost that someone else paid for them!

the first goodwill i went to tonight had, for me, the most exciting find. in this particular goodwill i look through the clothes first while glancing at the shoes that are in the racks above. i went down a few isles, only to happen upon these beauties. their perfectly pale pink color, glossy luster, and fun detail on the toes won my heart over and i had to have them! i saw they were a target brand, which at goodwill means that shoes from there always are the same price. however, i just wanted to check and make sure because you never know when someone is going to make a mistake. so i flipped the shoes over and there was no price tag! for a fraction of a second i thought maybe there was a chance i could get a better price than the normal goodwill target price. but it was too obvious they were from target, so i gave up on that idea. i didn't really care about the price so much because, regardless, it would still be a good deal and i would still buy them, but i just like getting the best deals i possibly can :) so i was ready to check out and i went up to the register to tell the checker that there is no price. she looks at them and then tells me a price that is HALF what i was expecting to pay! "i'll take them!" i said! i was so excited! i am in love with them and have already started planning out what to wear with them to work tomorrow. gosh, i love goodwill.

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  1. My goodness Mary...you are addicted to thrift shopping. I like the 2nd paid of shoes. :)