it's been a while...

it has been quite a long time since i have posted on our blog. our lives have been crazy. i had two jobs, one of which i hated to death, and only had sundays off all while going to school part time. patrick was also going to school full time and now he's back with the us forest service fighting fires and saving bushes. as for me, i got a new job working with one of my good friends kaitlin finger. i love it. it is so chill and laid back. it is such a great place to work. i also have my weekends back so that is one of the best parts of this new job. and since i have started there i have gotten back into reading blogs again because kaitlin reads them a lot. and as i read all the blogs that i love because they are so funny, cute, and entertaining, it sparked a desire in me to start blogging again. but i apologize right off that my blog is probably not funny, cute, and entertaining as most blogs out there.

so let me give you an update on our lives over the last few months. one of patrick's best friends growing up, josh finger, got married to one of our friends kaitlin calder, now finger. their wedding was so gorgeous and everything was perfect. patrick was a groomsman and had no problem being goofy again with his boys.

then we went off to catalina! patrick and i had never been there before and we got great deals on groupon so off we went with our good friends brad and ashli caldwell. it was so much fun. catalina is gorgeous! i would definitely recommend it to anyone who has never been. we went paddle boating, drove around on a golf cart for hours, ate good food, sun bathed in the wonderful sun, and rode on the big catalina flyer. it was a great mini vacay.

in may most of my family came down to visit because my cousin got married. while they were here we went to an angels game and, of course, my sisters and i hardly paid attention to the game. we were too busy having a blast taking weird pictures of ourselves on my phone and laughing our heads off. it was like old times. it was so much fun.

patrick went on a huge fire in arizona! it was the largest wildfire in arizona history and he got to fight it! he was gone for 18 days, which was absolutely horrible and so hard for us to be apart that long. one of the great things about him being gone, though, was that we really learned to appreciate and love each other so much more. you don't realize what you have until it's gone. even the smallest things like a kiss good night, or cuddling, seem like the world to you when you can't have them. it was probably one of the hardest times we've ever had, but it made us fall in love all over again :)

one of my besties from byu came to visit! the one, the only, britt linde. she is a bundle of fun and i miss this girl so much. we had so much fun together at byu and we were inseparable. she honestly is one of my best friends ever. while she was here we met up with she and her little brother at huntington beach, of course, and walked around main street and the beach, and longboarded along the beach. it was so much fun and i miss this girl to pieces.
for the 4th of july patrick and i braved the crowds and headed down to huntington beach. it was PACKED but SO much fun. there was a parade, good food, and of course, the sun! during the parade there were fly bys by jets. it was so cool. we relaxed on the beach for hours and walked up and down the water. we even played in the water for a little bit. it was bone chilling cold, but so fun.

we also had the chance to see one of patrick's best friends get engaged about 2 weeks ago. it was very exciting and we are very happy for him.

for so long now, probably as long as patrick has known me, i have talked about how i have never been to the circus! i have always wanted to go, but for some reason or another, i had never been. well, a few monday nights ago patrick and i were at the store and i suggested that we get some steaks to bbq for the next night's dinner. he said no, we wont have time. and i was like what do you mean we wont have time? he got super awkward and tried to cover up whatever almost came out and said that he didn't really feel like steaks. so later that night he says to me, "are you excited for tomorrow?" i had no idea what he was talking about. he kept asking me and it was clear he had a surprise for me. and if you know me, you know that i LOVE surprises. so the whole next day at work i was so anxious and could hardly focus. all i could think about was trying to figure out what he had planned. i knew the circus was in town and i also knew that the pageant of the masters in laguna beach was going on too. those were the 2 options i had narrowed it down to. so i get off work that day and rush home to change. we hop in the car with brad and ashli and start heading towards the honda center, which is where the circus was. i got SO excited. i kissed and kissed and kissed patrick. it was so fun being surprised and especially with something that i have been wanting to do forever. thanks babe!

the elephants were so cute! they were only a small part of the show, but all of the entertainers were so fun and amazing. i wanna go again!

so on to the next activity....kaitlin and josh invited patrick and i to go with them to the mormon night at angels stadium because her family had extra tickets. to be honest, it was a horribly boring game, but i got to see lots of old friends and my own family. we had fun with all of them, but didn't watch most of the game. one of josh and kaitlin's nieces was obsessed with patrick and would not leave him alone. all she wanted to do was play with patrick. it was so cute. and by the end of the night when it was time for fireworks she decided she wanted to share that moment with patrick, so as a result, i had no one to cuddle up with during the fireworks show. but it was ok because i was melting over how cute patrick is with little kids. i can't wait to have some of our own!

well, most of you know that summer time means oc fair time in california! patrick and i love the fair! we went twice this year. we ate super yummy food, which patrick spent a fortune on, but it was so good, it was worth it. we tried deep fried oreos and a deep fried klondike bar. the oreos were ok, but the klondike bar wasn't good. we had a blast going with our friends though. it was so much fun to walk around and see all the animals, rides, food, and the hypnotist. that was probably our favorite part. it was hilarious. ironically enough, i was actually one of those people up on that stage at the fair about 6 years ago. i got hypnotized there. it was crazy and so fun and it worked!

so, needless to say, we have had quite a fun filled summer so far, and there is still almost a month left! i love being married and having a best friend to do everything and anything with. can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds...

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