for those of you who know me, well probably for those of you who have talked to me for even a few short minutes, you know that i am ADDICTED to thrift store shopping. i can not stop. it drives patrick crazy, but i can not help it. any time i have even a few extra minutes to spare, my mind day dreams off into the wonderful finds that might be waiting for me at any thrift store, well goodwill, mainly. i can not stand the thought of there being an amazing deal at a thrift store and someone, other than myself, finding it.

i have actually been thinking a lot lately about starting a business where i re-sell great finds at thrift stores! i think i could really excel at this, the only problem is i have NO idea where to start. i have never sold anything online, so i do not know how to go about doing this. if you do, please help me!

because i am so proud of all the great things i find at thrift stores, i want to share a few of these amazing deals with you! here are just a few samples....

on my way home from work today goodwill randomly popped in my head, and, lucky for me, there is a goodwill on my way home! what a coincidence! (there are actually a few on my way home) i found this wonderful purse, brand new, originally from target that sold for $40.00 and i got it for $4.99! what a steal! i am obsessed with it.
in our engagement pictures i even featured a few of my thrift store finds. this dress and belt were both from second hand stores. the dress is michael kors and i got it for a fraction of the cost!

this shirt is one of my favorite shirts. i love all the colors and how i can constantly switch up the outfit that i wear with it because of this.

this super awesome retro blazer i found at goodwill. i am also obsessed with it. i guess i'm obsessed with all the finds i get at thrift stores, but you know what i mean.

this vest is another wonderful thrifty find. it is probably patrick's favorite piece of clothing i have. this just proves that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look great for the hubby :)

ok, i honestly LOVE this dress. originally from J Crew, i got it for 8 bucks! such a steal!

i not only have a passion shopping for clothes at thrift stores, i love all of the random accessories i can find. this old school camera is on a shelf in our apartment and adds such a great touch to our mid century style.

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