lunch time prize

today was just like any other day at the office. came in at 8, had a parmesan bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, talked with coworkers, and oh yeah, worked. before i knew it, it was lunch time! we don't have any food right now at home to make lunches with, so i went out to lunch today. i chose panda express, which usually is a good decision, but today it was not that good; the rice was hard and the chow mein was mainly onions and celery.

i ended up finishing my lunch, filled up my diet coke for the rest of the day's work, and started to head back to the office. i went a different way than i usually do for some reason, and as i was driving back, i noticed the area seemed familiar. i realized it was because i had been to a thrift store around there before. (is it a little sad and pathetic that i know possibly every location of every thrift store in orange county? maybe. but i don't really care. when you find as good of deals and as many as i do at thrift stores, it's worth it). i saw i had extra time before i had to be back from lunch, so i stopped at the salvation army to see what wonderful treasures i could find. the anticipation and excitement of walking into a thrift store is like a drug to me. when you first start thrift store shopping it's not that addicting, but over time you cannot stop and it becomes the only place you want to shop at.

as i began looking around my excitement started to deflate as i was finding nothing. the salvation army does have really good prices, better than goodwill, but they do not have as "nice" of a selection. i started to think i would walk out empty handed, until my hands and eyes laid sight on a black, gray, and white houndstooth skirt hanging on the rack. i pulled it out and ran my fingers along the extremely soft wool material and up to the tag to see where this adorable skirt came from. ann taylor loft. that's where. at one time this skirt was probably around $70, and now it was going to be mine for hardly anything. i was so excited and so thrilled that i had found such an adorable skirt for such a great price. i quickly made my purchase only to find out that the price was going to be HALF of what the tag said! SCORE!

i got in my car and hurried back to work so i could show off my new thrifty find to my coworkers. they probably all think i'm crazy because i am so obsessed with thrift store shopping, but i don't care. at least i look cute doing it :)

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