birthday blues

tomorrow is my birthday. *cheers* usually i would join in on those cheers, in fact i would be the one leading the cheers, but for some reason this year i am just not the least bit excited that it’s my birthday. and that makes me sad. i really can’t figure this one out. i never even made a birthday list, nor did i make sure that everyone knew my birthday was almost here, nor have i sat daydreaming about what Patrick and i would do for my big day, nor have i thought about what he’s going to get me, nor have i planned to do the annual birthday dinner out with friends … it’s just so weird.

i am feeling quit melancholy about it, really. i really do want to be excited that it’s my birthday. i want to do something fun and exciting. i want to be surprised with wonderful, thoughtful gifts. i want to be treated super extra special tomorrow. but, alas, i am not. i cannot explain it, nor can i try to understand it. i guess i will just have to accept the fact that this year my birthday is not going to be one of those that i will always remember with fond memories.

maybe if i reflect on old birthdays i will get more excited for the big day tomorrow. here are a few pictures from birthdays in the years past. let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? …

my first birthday that patrick and i spent together since we had been dating is definitely my most memorable birthday. it was perfect. we spent the whole day together. he had the whole day planned out with things that i love and enjoy. and he got me some really amazing cool gifts that year, too. i will always remember this day…

these next 2 are from birthday dinners out with friends. usually i get together with a bunch of my friends and grab dinner somewhere really yummy. it’s always great fun being surrounded by people i love, eating delicious food, and getting free dessert!

and of course spending it with family is always such a great way to celebrate your birthday. tomorrow night my parents are taking patrick and i to thai food for my birthday. i have to admit that is the one thing i am excited about for tomorrow :)

well, here’s to hoping that tomorrow is a great and wonderful birthday.


  1. I recently found your blog and love it! I love your style as well. Congratulations on the baby, maternity clothes CAN be cute! :)

  2. Absolutely brilliant post guys, been following you.