Dear Sawyer

Tonight I went in to check on Sawyer before I went to bed and as I stood there looking at him a flood of emotions came over me. Usually when I feel strongly about Sawyer I'll post about it on Facebook. But then I thought it would be better for journaling purposes to post it on my blog. I want him in the future to know how I feel about him and how much I love and care for him and since I'm so bad at journals I thought this would be perfect. 

Motherhood is one if the toughest jobs in the world but DEFINITELY THE MOST rewarding job in the world. In one day you can feel complete and utter frustration as well as overwhelming love and joy. You always hear people talk about parenthood and how wonderful it is but you never fully understand how completely amazing it is until you experience it for yourself. 

Our little Sawyer has changed my life in so many ways. The way I feel about him is totally unexplainable. When I think about how much he means to me I am completely overwhelmed and tears stream down my face (as they are right now). Most parents probably say this or think this but I honestly feel that I have more love and more undying affection for this little boy than anyone has ever had for any child. I never knew that it was possible to love someone so much. I am SO extremely grateful for the blessing I have been given to be his mama. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. You are my everything, Sawyer Zachary, and I hope you know that I would do anything for you. 


  1. Totally understand your feelings about parenthood. I feel the same way. When they get to be toddler age they become little monsters, but they are cute and adorable monsters who yo still love. :)

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